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Pelvic picnic

August 18 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Join us for an All-Day Women’s Pelvic Wellness Retreat

Studio in the Woods

Enjoy special Early Bird Registration of $100 through July 18 — after which registration is $150

The pelvis is a beautiful structure with many muscular, organ, and bony connections which inform the function and coordination of our hips, torso and legs. We want to give you knowledge and experience of the best organization of this wonderful structure. Whether you are seeking more core strength and understanding of pelvic health, or have specific pelvic issues to work on, this is for you!

Led by teachers Bethany Drohmann and Meg Orion, this serene all-day retreat at the magical, peaceful Studio in the Woods, outside Eugene brings us together in seeking healing, strength, and community. We will discuss and learn about pelvic health and wellness, healing, diet, and day-to-day self-care, including:

  • What 12 everyday exercises can improve your pelvic/core strength?
  • How can changes in diet and movement heal and strengthen the pelvis and your whole body?
  • How can clothing, furniture, and conventional exercise affect your pelvis?
  • How does the anatomy of the pelvis work?
  • Why do pelvic health issues happen, and what are the mechanics behind them?
  • How can you integrate wellness, movement, and self care into your busy life to help you to stay strong, flexible, and functional?

​​We will talk, move, and make a personalized plan to help you feel confident and empowered to feel better and improve your everyday health. And I will prepare a fresh organic lunch for everyone!

Find support and community with other women

This will also be an opportunity to meet other woman who want to find strength, healing, and community. At the end we can exchange contact info and talk about future classes, practice groups, or other activities that help us socialize, support each other, and stay strong and healthy together!

About my co-teacher

I’m thrilled to be co-teaching this workshop with Bethany Drohmann, a dancer, mother, manual therapist, and founder of Divine Proportion Pilates LLC. Bethany understands firsthand how life can challenge self-care and movement time. Luckily, Bethany is committed, tireless, and innovative in finding ways to integrate movement into her life, all while raising her energetic daughters. With over 15 years experience in her field, Bethany realized that many of the things she helps clients with, she could also use to find better health and balance as a parent. Learn more at her site, Mama Moves Cards.


August 18
10:00 am - 4:30 pm


Studio in the Woods
Lorane, OR United States


5 available
Pelvic Picnic$150.00 $100.00

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