The recent three-week cleanse was a great experience. It was similar to last year in many ways, but this time I was even more aware of how much healthier I felt while on it. I have found that it has been fairly easy to continue it due to the primary goal of wanting to feel better/healthier vs. just the desire to lose weight.

I continue to have a smoothie in the morning, salad with a protein at lunch and a light dinner. I have the occasional glass of wine and green tea in the mornings but other than that have stayed pretty true to the diet. I feel great and don’t really find it that difficult anymore.

I want to thank you for creating the three-week cleanse group and in a format that is so user-friendly and informative. It really changed my life.

I would list all the ways this has happened but I know you are quite familiar with them — significant decrease in joint pain and stomach issues (gone) and an increase in energy and improvement in overall mood. My next goal is to try to get my husband to do it! I just keep doing my thing and talking it up — he sees the changes (especially with my energy and mood) and slowly has modified some of his habits.

Thanks again for all you do in making the world a better place 🙂

— Ruth Ericson, online group cleanse

Meg is insightful and intuitive in her coaching style and is not afraid to dive into the hard stuff. I have found her coaching to be direct, useful, informative and really fun! I have changed long term patterns and habits that no longer supported my day to day life and with Meg’s help created new habits that fit my desires and goals. This coaching is more than “health coaching.” It has covered all aspects of my life and Meg continues to give me the push I need to accomplish things I did not think were going to actually be possible. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, tender, forward approach!

— Tera James

Meg has been an invaluable ally as I shift to a healthier lifestyle and work toward making positive changes that will last a lifetime. She is patient, flexible, and realistic – and pushy when she needs to be. This is not a process that is a quick fix. Meg helps navigate your world to find tools that blend your unique circumstances with the proactive thinking and action that healthy living entails. Working with Meg has been like sitting and talking with an old dear friend.

— Joelle Goodwin

I love that Meg takes a holistic approach in helping folks solve issues. She gives multiple, accessible tools to work on easing problems and improving one’s life. Meg is well-spoken, intelligent, approachable and sincere. She stays in touch with her clients to aid them in reaching their goals. I’ve learned that Health Coaching is not just about nutrition or someone telling you what to do – it is a way for another to help you look at life in a balanced way and motivate you to stick to sustainable, healthy behaviors. Meg certainly does this and I highly recommend her!

— Heather Nelson

Meg has a way of motivating people that is genuinely positive, compassionate and helpful. She’s an empowering person to work with.

— Bob Passaro, three-week group cleanse

Wow! What a difference. I never imagined the dramatic change a nutritional cleanse would make in how I felt all day. I lost weight, felt light and energetic, rested well and awoke alive and fresh for the day. The regular feedback, conversation and support from Meg made it possible.

— Bryan Jensen, three-week group cleanse

On paper, the cleanse looks like no, no, no, nothing good to eat. But in practice it was a remarkably pleasant experience. That’s due in large part to Meagan’s guidance, her gentle cheerleading, and her recipes and ideas. The big surprise for me is how much I’m going to incorporate into my regular eating routine.

— Jamie Passaro, three-week group cleanse

Meagan is a unique combination of smart and creative, direct and compassionate.

— Melissa Davis, three-week group cleanse

Meg is incredibly knowledgable in regards to nutrition, physiology, fitness and overall self care. She offered tremendous support to me during a 21-day cleanse in which I lost 7 pounds, increased energy and gained a new awareness of my eating habits. I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking to improve their health and well being.

— Emily Jensen, three-week group cleanse

I have grown more during the past six months than I have in six years. You’ve helped me discover new habits and insights that will nurture me every day forward. Everything inside of me feels healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.

— Mike Sax, six-month program