Get Rejuvenated with a 5-Day Reset

This 5-Day Reset will get you back to feeling fit and healthy!

What do I mean by “reset”?

Well, a Reset is about taking a break — for five days — from some the habits that may not be serving our best health, and shifting the focus to quality, wholesome food and thinking very intentionally about what we are eating and how we are living.

Like anything that challenges our habits, it’s not easy, but most people find it to be a wonderful and eye-opening experience.

What are the benefits?

Even after just a few days, most people report feeling much better.

Do you want:

  • Increased energy?
  • Better digestion including less bloating?
  • Better sleep?
  • Glowing skin?
  • Increase in happiness?
  • It’s also a great starting point to consider if there are longer-term changes you want to make in how you eat?

How does it work?

You can do the Reset wherever you are, whenever you like. When you sign-up, you’ll get a link to download my Reset e-book, which which will serve as your primary day-by-day guide.

Day one is familiarizing yourself with the e-book. The following morning you’ll receiving an email from me, as you will each morning for the duration of the Reset. These emails will include reminders, tips and concepts for that particular day. Please note, you have two days after you sign up to go shopping and do some simple meal-prep. I give you this time to make sure you can fully prepare without feeling stressed or rushed. This experience is supossed to feel easy and helpful!

What sort of food will I be eating on the Reset?

The e-book provides a day-by-day meal plan and recipes for each day. I love these recipes — they are both wholesome and delicious. A Reset isn’t about denying your taste buds or depriving yourself of calories. It’s about learning how good fresh and wholesome food can taste.

Remember that the Reset is not a “diet.” It’s possible you may lose a pound or two, but that’s not the focus.

The e-book also includes practical tips on getting sounder sleep, the benefits of staying hydrated and more.

So, you’ll get:

  • The recipe book.
  • Meal suggestions.
  • Daily support from me, Meg.
  • A daily mindfulness exercise.
  • Daily tips delivered right to your inbox each morning.
  • Exclusive access to my private Facebook group.

Give it a try.

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