New and improved meal planning!

Do you struggle with what to make for dinner and instead end up going out or ordering take-out too often? One of the most common questions I get in my coaching practice is how to make a meal plan that is simple and tasty for the

On Comics, Kids and Health.

My son and daughter love superheroes, and often ask their papa for a “superhero quiz.” The kids get very into them. One night, on a whim I said, “Hey, does anyone want to do a nutrition quiz?” And guess what? They were totally down for

Strawberry green smoothie

I got my first CSA (community supported agriculture) box last week and set out to create a smoothie with collard greens and strawberries. What do you know, it turned out delicious! Collard greens are star players and should be enjoyed often, here in the Willamette

Meg’s Power Waffle

Meg’s Power Waffle Serves 4-5. Freeze unused waffles, or use leftover batter on day 2. For many families with children, morning can be fast-paced and hectic. It’s not always easy to set everyone up for success. A well-balanced breakfast is ideal for growing children who

Creamy Vegan Asparagus Soup

  Spring is the season for starting fresh and renewing your commitment to a healthy digestive system. I lead an online anti-inflammatory cleanse every Spring and we eat a blended soup each night to offer some healing to our digestive system. This creamy delight is

The Meat Question

Here are some lifestyle questions to consider and three healthy ways to include meat in your diet. You’ll find books and articles to support a variety of opinions about the role of meat in our diet. It can be difficult to navigate the issue. So

So What’s a Health Coach?

Health Coach \hêlth cōch\ n. A professional trained to help a client achieve optimal wellbeing: I’m smiling like a maniac because I just saw my health coach. A health coach is someone with whom you can share your thoughts, desires, and fears, knowing they will

Ginger Turmeric Latté

This latté is delicious and has two of my favorite herbs, turmeric and ginger. I spent a couple of weeks experimenting and checking out other recipes and am so happy with this final drink. I hope you try it and love it!  Science backs up