This is my story of late-term stillbirth, international adoption, in-vitro fertilization and between-friends egg donation. Recorded live to a large room full of friends and community members more than a year ago, I’m overjoyed the high-quality recording is now ready to share.

Give it a listen when you have 30 minutes to yourself — I think you’ll be happy you did.

Please forward to anyone you think might enjoy it! Post it on social media — and if you have any connections to The Moth, TED, or anything similar I would dearly love the connection. Experiencing all four of these alternative paths to motherhood has convinced me that sharing this story with as many people as possible is a worthwhile effort.

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2 comments on “My story of stillbirth, adoption, in-vitro fertilization and egg-donation”

  1. Terra Jenkins says:

    Meg this was beautiful to hear. The handful of times I’ve been in your presence the beauty and softness of your spirit was palpable. You. Are. Awesome. and your story is moving and powerful. ~ Love and light to you and your family! <3 Terra

    1. Meg Orion says:

      Terra, thank you so much. It’s good to hear from you! I hope everyone is well 🙂

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