I have grown more during the past six months than I have in six years. You’ve helped me discover new habits and insights that will nurture me every day forward. Everything inside of me feels healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.

— Mike Sax, six-month program

Meg is well-spoken, intelligent, approachable and sincere. I’ve learned that Health Coaching is not just about nutrition or someone telling you what to do – it is a way for another to help you look at life in a balanced way and motivate you to stick to sustainable, healthy behaviors. Meg certainly does this, and I highly recommend her!

— Heather Nelson

Meg has been an invaluable ally as I shift to a healthier lifestyle. She is patient, flexible, and realistic – and pushy when she needs to be. Working with Meg has been like sitting and talking with an old dear friend.

— Joelle Goodwin

Meg continues to give me the push I need to accomplish things I did not think were going to actually be possible. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, tender, forward approach!

— Tera James

Thank you for creating the three-week cleanse group and in a format that is so user-friendly and informative. It really changed my life.

— Ruth Ericson, online group cleanse