After the holidays it’s easy to feel a bit sluggish in the body and mind. For many of us there has been extra sugar, alcohol and general feasting. While this is fun, there usually comes a point when the body shows signs it could use a clean up. Maybe digestion isn’t optimal, sleep is poor, energy is low and/or physically one feels a bit slow and heavy-limbed.

For the record, I have just described my current state. I am not overly strict with my diet, but I do try to notice how I’m feeling on a regular basis and teach my clients to do the same. Sometimes a simple adjustment to your diet or daily routine can be all you need to feel like you’re in balance and reaching your full potential again. Less sugar, more water, and more sleep are three very simple things to pay attention to.

What makes me happy is that I know how to get my body back on track! I like The Clean Cleanse by Dr. Alejandro Junger. I’ve done it multiple times and feel new benefits each time I complete it. This cleanse is great to do with a group of friends; you can support each other through recipe sharing, clean potlucks or even a soup trade! Say you have 5 couples participating: everyone makes an extra big batch of their favorite soup, and after the exchange you end up with 5 different soups for your fridge and freezer. This is a great way to prepare for your week, try new soups and give some love to your people. : )

I wish everyone a happy and healthy start to their new year!

With love,

Meg Orion

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