Welcome again to a month of increasing energy naturally, through food and lifestyle practices, this time from Sayulita, MX.

The afternoon we arrived in Mexico I walked down to the sand. Looking out at the waves I committed to 3 daily practices: meditation every morning, conscious expressions of daily gratitude and a commitment to keep complaining and/or negativity to a minimum. My reason behind this was I wanted to savor each and every day – have the best trip possible.

I have learned that these and similar efforts tend to be correlated with success in all areas of my life.

On the commitments:

Meditation is a huge energy booster, which is why it is not recommended right before going to bed. I love that something so still and quiet can bring such an enjoyable increase in energy.

Expressing gratitude (a gratitude practice) promotes happiness, and in this hurly-burly world it can serve as healthy maintenance. I highly recommend it as a valuable daily reset!

And the no-complaining or negativity is a interesting practice that I am exploring further. Naturally it’s important to feel your feelings -both good and bad – but for right now making an occasional conscious effort to focus the mind on positivity feels worthwhile and awesome!

Look to the sun, look to yourself .

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